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Saturday, 25 February 2012

88 Stitches had a sale today and I got two ball of Sweet Fiber worsted and two sets of blocking pins for under $40. This wool is epic and I love it and normally it would have been $27 dollars each skein before tax. Their sale was really cool. You chose your yarn and then when you're paying for it you get to reach into a bag to see what your discount will be. Mine was 40% off! 

I almost didn't make it out to this because I am sick and was planning on lazing around the house today. But I'm glad I remembered and decided to go out! Even if it was a forty minute drive. 

Here is one of the balls. Lovely cranberry colour. Planning on knitting a lovely big shawl out of them.


I have been having hair problems. 

First this happened. And I was pretty happy about it (Cody is modelling a black hat I knit for him)

but then... this happened (roots) and I was less enthusiastic. In this photo the roots are less of a problem... but a couple weeks after they were starting to get a bit intense. When I tied my hair back you couldn't really tell it was blonde. 

Then this happened! I thought I looked a bit like a unicorn... someone said pegasus and someone else said my little pony. Anyway, everyone agreed that it was purple. 

And then last night I get all arrogant, and I'm like "I want to have black hair" so Cody, my lovely husband-like person helped me dye it "black". This is how it turned out. 


So here I am now. Blue hair. My scalp is angry at me (itchy and allergic to the dyes). More blue hair. 

I went and bought a burgundy semi-permanent hair dye, which I tested on a chunk of my hair, it turned out closer to the colour I wanted, but now I am distraught. I don't know how much more hair dying one person can do without having their scalp decide to move out. 

I also tried this weird stuff called "One and Only Colour Fix" which has no bleach or ammonia or floride or any whitening thing in it...  and it turned a little patch of my hair bright blonde. Which totally weirded me out (as you can see in the picture)

Anyway, I'm probably going to have three or four more hair colours before I find one that I truly like and my scalp will never forgive me. 


  1. Okay, I really, really liked the lavender & I love the blue & black. You look super funky. I also hate that I have to use my ancient blogger/google profile to comment on your blog. Whaddup, you google fuckers?

    1. I like chickenbaby, it's got good imagery. The blue makes me look blotchy (I corrected it in the photographs) I think I'm just sensitive. Also, I like wearing heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick, so I look like a huge goth with the dark blue hair. I think I'm going to hold off on re-dying it at least for a little bit. My scalp is angry.


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