The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People Re-release!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016
The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People 2016 re-release!

Thank you to the amazingly talented Vivienne McMaster from Be Your Own Beloved photography for shooting her beautiful self portraits for this pattern! She is a gorgeous, wonderful, body-positive, and just genuine and kind person (and all around inspiring woman!). I am so grateful that she said yes to taking these photos!
She teaches wonderful self portraiture based e-courses rooted in body positivity and self love. I strongly suggest you take a look at what she has to offer!
This yarn is the lovely ash alberg’s mermaid hair yarn! For a limited time you can get a special pack of ash’s stitch markers if you order a skein of their yarn! You just need to include the word SUNLIGHT in your order! It’s gorgeous single ply yarn that went so perfectly with this project!
You can purchase the yarn here!
I LOVE COLLABORATIONS! These two people are just so awesome!
This shawl is still very very free, and excellent for beginners who are drawn to the idea of shawls, but who may not fully comprehend how shawl-y they can be.  
Hells yeah! I hope you like the new photos and the new PDF! <3 <3 
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