Thursday, 31 December 2015
Oh it's finally here!

Shine! Is live on Ravelry!

I have been working on this project since early 2015 and it feels so good to be finally able to show everyone!

Of course I decided to be a big dork and model it myself!


Tuesday, 15 December 2015
Hey everyone!

I published a couple of hat patterns!

One is December, a big black quick-to-knit squishy pile of stockinette with a pom pom attached at the top! It's only got something like 1300 stitches ALL TOGETHER so it shouldn't take you that long to knit. If you've got a pair of large-ass knitting needles already, than this pattern is going to call out to you across the street until you notice it.

Oh, and it's on my face in the photos, which is nice. I'm trying to model my own stuff a bit more instead of constantly haranguing my friends to model for me.

This one is Joy! It's the sister-hat to Swoon another one of my hat patterns. It's just a good solid 1x1 ribbed hat, it likes long walks on the beach and the smell of hair after it's been washed. The original sample was knit using ANGORA which made me get a bit strange while I was knitting it. It is just such a soft amazingly... soft yarn. I don't think there are other descriptors for it really even. It was just me going "soft... soft... soft... kittens... soft" while I was knitting. I might have also been drooling - but not on the hat... I promise.

My lovely friend Savanna modelled this one!

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