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Friday, 3 February 2012

This is some of the yarn!

Here's even some more yarn!
Here's where I sleep, and some buntings that I knit!

Here are even more buntings! These ones are made from Hexipuffs  used in the Beekeeper's quilt. I just couldn't commit one a day for a year, so I made a bunting instead!
All of my circular needles. I just made a library catalog of them all on my computer so if  anyone borrows them I'll know where they are (I have lost many a pair of addis to my generosity)

I don't like traditional forms of artwork in my house (other than photographs) so I just got Cody to bang a few nails into the wall and I drape my shawls and knitted things off of them. An ever-changing art piece! 

Babe can't help but sit on my pattern notes while I'm knitting. Here she indulges herself on my Juneberry Triangle pattern. I used to fight with her about it, but she is so stubborn. She would get very angry at me when I kicked her off of them, and she would hold a very scratchy grudge. It just wasn't worth it. 

A pattern I wrote that I am less than in love with. So it will probably never get published.  Made out of Baby Alpaca Sport (which is actually a chunky weight yarn). The Snowstorm Shawl.  
My dye stuffs. I swapped from natural to acid dyes recently - so these are sort of left over.  (That's a lovely photo underneath from Aly D) 

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  1. Snowstorm Shall is a very good name! And it does look like a snowstorm. I like it. Oooh, maybe stagger the holes in the spine so it looks like footsteps!


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