New instagram! Knitter Punks Podcast! Fun times!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I have been sick for days and days and daaaays.

Mostly just watching reruns of QI, knitting and sneezing.

Here's what my life's looked like for the past couple of days.

I thought I would come and say something that is causing me lots of joy though!

It's actually the same name as my last instagram feed (@softsweater), but it's all just shiny new fibre-knitting-designing related content! I'm trying to use my good camera more often these days, so most of the photos are going to be shiny and DSLR-y. Right now I've just been going through all my old lovely photos and reposting them on there, but I'm taking lots of new ones too! Lots of sneak peeks at new designs. Totally check it out :) 

And me and my friend Jocelyn just started up a weekly podcast! 

So far we've only made two (and we're having to miss this week because my voice is almost gone!) but it's going to be a regular thing and I'll probably do a fancy post about it on it's own once we get in the groove of it. I think it's so much fun! I'm grateful she asked me to do it with he :)

Or go like our facebook page! 

Fun times everyone. Fall is almost here and I'm a combination of stoked (SO MUCH KNITTING) and sad (where did the sun go?). Gonna roll with it. 

Thanks lovelies for stopping on by! 

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