Knitter Punks Podcast!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Hey everyone! 

This is just to remind everyone that me and my bud Jocelyn have started a podcast! Guys it's going really well and people seem to really like it! Go have a listen! Tell me what you think! We're still figuring out the audio part, beefing up my sound-tech-nerdiness levels! 

The Knitter Punks Podcast! 

We're doing a special episode on Saturday night after Knit City! (we usually air on Monday nights). Tune in or sign up to our newsletter to get more information! 

We're starting to do lots of promo codes and maybe even some giveaways so definitely tune in! 

We're going to be hanging out at Knit City on Saturday so if you're going make sure to come by and grab a button and a high five! 

Oh and there's a pattern coming up to be published on Saturday too. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ON SATURDAY. 

New Pattern Published! 

Grateful Moments Shawl

It's lovely and I'd love it if you clicked through to take a look at it! 

Oh and look at some knitting related art I've been doing! 
Knitting hand art pieces! The top set of hands is based on my own hands. The bottom ones are based on Nicola's hands! They're going to evolve into some less-digital art soon. I'll make sure to post the finished product! 

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