5 things you might not know about me!

Saturday, 6 February 2016
Hey everyone! Since Waiting for Rain has launched I have been getting lots of hits on all my social media! I'm thrilled! I thought I would kind of introduce myself to some of the folks who might not know who I am - and the best way to do that is to write a big ol' list of things that people might not know about me :)

#1 - I used to be a concert photographer / music reviewer. When I was 17 I accidentally got a job reviewing a Metric concert. My friend had landed a job shooting for this blog (which is sadly, but not surprisingly, no longer active) and when the editor had asked if she knew someone who could join her and to write a review she had recommended me. I written in my journal a lot growing up, and loved writing short stories - but honestly, I hadn't even successfully written an essay at that point (see interesting thing #2). I quickly went online and read everything I could find on writing concert reviews. After I went to the concert, wrote my review, and got asked back! Eventually my editor realized I could take pictures as well (cheaper for him to just get me to do both!). I moved from blogs to magazines then back to blogs again. It was a hilarious couple of years. I have many stories from this time... but maybe this blog entry isn't a place to get into them hehe.

#2 - I dropped out of school in Grade 4. I don't have my high school diploma. And I still haven't really ever technically written a proper 5 x 5 paragraph essay. When I was in grade 4 my mum took me out of regular school and dropped me into an alternative school where I never went to any formal classes, although I learned so much while I was there. When I turned 16 I dropped out of that school too and started hanging around a youth centre in my neighbourhood. I took a job placement program and ended up landing a shelving gig when I was 17 at the Vancouver Public Library system. I did eventually go to college, and of course dropped out, but that's a story for another time.

#3 - I'm a giant! Here have some photos of me towering over the general population. (Okay maybe not a giant, but definitely an Amazon. I'm 6 feet tall for those wondering)

#4 - I'm a regularly published person too, not just knitting patterns. Before I started writing and doing layout and graphic design and taking pictures for knitting patterns I wrote and did layout, graphic design and photography for a bunch of zines! (what are zines? Here, let me link you to the lovely wikipedia article on the topic) I cofounded a zine called RAIN (Radical Art In Nature) with my best friend Carla Bergman (She modelled for my Blanket for Seriously Cold People - she's absolutely wonderful and you should click over to her website to see all the cool stuff she does!), and worked on a few other personal and collaborative zines as well. Alongside the zine making, I also wrote for and curated two chapters of a book called Stay Solid, which was done by a whole pile of cool people. It's a radical handbook for youth!

#5 - I drive a scooter! And I own a pair of socks called my Scooter Socks. The pattern may one day make it's way onto ravelry... but I'm not promising anything.

In summary: I'm a big ol' weirdo.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Weirdos are the best people I know. Thanks for sharing some lovely tidbits about yourself. It's always nice to read a lil something about the person behind the awesome patterns :).

    1. Thanks for reading! And for the kind words :) I love weirdos too :D Weirdos for the win!

  2. Wow, you just hit new heights of awesomeness for me! I think you are a great person, not weird at all.....and you should always stay the same!

  3. You're a lovely person ! True, original, essential :) Bises de France


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