loss of knit-spiration.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
I feel like recently I have lost my inspiration to knit. It hasn't happened before and I find it pretty scary. I did the summer flies shawl that I posted about last week to try and cheer me up - but it didn't really impassion me. What I really want to do is learn how to put lace charts into shawls and design fancy lace shawls, but I've found charting and lace-work to be a quite difficult thing to do and design. I'm hoping a class will pop up or someone could teach me their secrets to lace shawls... I have knit many complicated lace projects with little to no problem - but the concept of designing it and making it work seems to be above me. For now at least. 

Anyway, knitting drama aside, I decided to knit a wall-hanging thing out of a ball of Malabrigo sock (and tiny 2mm needles) that I have had for literally ever. This is probably my favourite Malabrigo colourway, Archangel.

The photo which colours are truest to life are in the first shot of it on the swift. The other one had all the red and sunlight in it and my camera just freaked out not knowing what to do.

This one has the truest colour of the two photos.
All balled up and ready to knit!
Babe's helping by enjoying the sunlight. 


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