What? Another pair of toe-up Noro socks?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Why would I even do such a thing? ANOTHER pair of Noro socks?

 The store has settled and I'm taking my knit-break! I started these things last night and they're knitting up quickly. I am using Noro kureyon and 5.5mm double pointed needles. I am planning on felting these suckers. 

That's right I use my boobs to hold my yarn sometimes. That's not weird right?
I look like I'm giving some sort of secret yarn victory hand-signal. Wut wut! 
Noro is like crack. The colour changes are addictive! Instead of "just one more row" it's "just one more colour change!"
Long striping wool is dangerous. 

These ones were knit out of Noro's silk garden and I knit them over a weekend several months ago.
Damn straight. I don't have time to knit socks out of sock weight wool.


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