I finished that damn Goodale sweater

Tuesday, 10 January 2012
My 2012 new years resolution is to never knit sweaters out of anything smaller than a worsted-weight yarn ever again. I knit something like 1300 meters of DK weight yarn in 7 days. Granted. I didn't do anything else. Other than watch Bones on Netflix.

I made the sleeves longer and I extended the body. If I knit this again I will for sure drop down a size or two as this one got much bigger with blocking. I did swatching for this project, and I even blocked the swatches to see how much the sweater would grow... but I didn't stretch them. I just lied them down flat to dry. My logic was that I wouldn't stretch-block my sweater so why would I stretch-block my swatch? Well, let me tell you, you need to stretch-block your swatches because when you're done knitting your sweater and you get it wet - the weight of the wet fabric will automatically weigh it down enough so that it stretches... A lot. It all makes sense now. Too bad it took me two sock-weight sweaters knit to figure that out.

I'm planning on keeping this one though. No frogging for this sweater - even if it is bigger than I wanted it to be.

I didn't have anyone to help me take photos so here are some myspace-styled photographs to show the lovely yarn and fabric. 

I used Madeline Tosh DK in the colourway called Cousteau 

The pattern is Goodale by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

The colour in this photo is way off. It's darker and is more blue-y green.

Awkward timer shot. You can see the drape a bit better in this shot though.


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