Oh my god it's growing!

Monday, 2 January 2012
What knitting this sweater has made me realize is that I am totally traumatized by the last sweater I tried to knit myself. I am having flashbacks, night sweats, trying it on obsessively to test if it's too big. It's so hard to tell because there are these little flap things that need to be sewn down and they take up fabric and they make it look huge but I'm pretty sure it's not but I'm also pretty sure it. Oh god, why do I decide to do things out of sock weight/dk weight anyway - they always take forever and they, apparently, scar me for life. 

If this thing doesn't turn out I might have to quit knitting for good. 

The front is supposed to look like this (photo stolen from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/goodale)

I can't tell... is it too big? I think I'm going to put it on some scrap yarn and tack down the "pockets" and then try it on. I'll post non-crappy iphone photos then... unless I lose my mind and throw this project in the freezer (with all the other projects I'm never going to finish) 


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