Whoa what!? Knitter Punks, the front page of iTunes, and 100,000 blog pageviews!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015
Hey everyone! This week has been pretty great, lots of fun stuff has been happening in my life and I'm feeling like making a little blog post about it might be a good idea!

The Knitter Punks Podcast (of which I am half of) made it on to the front page of iTunes under the New and Noteworthy heading! We were up there alongside Lena Dunham's new podcast! Which personally was kind of mind blowing.

Here's a screen cap of the big event:

Front page! You didn't even need to hit the "See All" tab to see it!

And then I realized that I hit 100,000 pageviews on this humble little blog! Wow guys! You all seem to like what I have to say!

I want to thank all of your for listening, reading, knitting along and just being awesome supporters of my little knitwear business! 

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