Knit City 2015 Day 2! And a Special Episode of The Knitter Punks Podcast!

Saturday, 3 October 2015
Oh my god there's just so much yarn!!!! And amazing people!!!! And amazing stuff!!!

Knit City is THE Vancouver Fibre Festival! ...I mean technically there is only ONE Vancouver Fibre Festival - but it doesn't matter, Knit City is THE one.

Jocelyn and one of the Original Knitter Punks (OKP) Barth and me all have a Knitter Punks Knit City 2015 nerd out. We talk about ALL THE YARN we bought and all the lovely people we chatted with!

AND there's a promo code that gets you my newest shawl pattern Solarium for free! Only from now until Sunday October 4th at 5pm.

Solarium Shawl! 

Go pop over and have a listen! Look at our lovely faces!

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