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Thursday, 1 October 2015
Dear lovely fibre people. Things are so cool right now!

Me and Nicola have been working on an idea of doing small videos to highlight awesome people in the community who are doing cool fibre related stuff. We did a test video for it today and I think it's pretty darn cool!

The sound quality is a bit low and the video quality got messed up by uploading it to YouTube. But darn it I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Especially because Nicola totally didn't have a script and we hadn't even fully worked out prompt questions. AND the audio was recorded using my iphone. So cool


We've also been working on this idea for a while of starting up some sort of knitwear designer/fibre people cooperative where we can figure out ways to pay ourselves to help each other out! Honestly I'm still not sure if we've really figured out how this is going to work out - but we've done a website! So that must mean we're serious about it.

Keep an eye on there for projects we've been working on! 


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