German translations for patterns - coming soon!

Friday, 8 May 2015
Hey everyone!

So I'm dating a German guy.  

This is great because it means we will slowly be translating my patterns over into German!

I have resisted doing translations before because I'm always worried that my tone will be lost in the translation. Dating the fella who is going to be doing the translating is alleviating my fears around that, that's for sure. I'm like "can you make it sarcastic-er?" he's like "yeah, whatever" It's great. It's been a great evening over here.

Hope you're all enjoying whatever project it is you're working on! For me I'm knitting another shawl (surprise surprise). I've been trying to update all my patterns this summer. So expect new photos for a couple of my old patterns.

I'll leave you with a dorky photo Thomas took of me totally thrilled to be on a tiny boat at Granville Island. I'm like a happy cat in this photo, I love it. 

Happy knitting everyone! 

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