Tuesday, 11 August 2015

New instagram! Knitter Punks Podcast! Fun times!

I have been sick for days and days and daaaays.

Mostly just watching reruns of QI, knitting and sneezing.

Here's what my life's looked like for the past couple of days.

I thought I would come and say something that is causing me lots of joy though!

It's actually the same name as my last instagram feed (@softsweater), but it's all just shiny new fibre-knitting-designing related content! I'm trying to use my good camera more often these days, so most of the photos are going to be shiny and DSLR-y. Right now I've just been going through all my old lovely photos and reposting them on there, but I'm taking lots of new ones too! Lots of sneak peeks at new designs. Totally check it out :) 

And me and my friend Jocelyn just started up a weekly podcast! 

So far we've only made two (and we're having to miss this week because my voice is almost gone!) but it's going to be a regular thing and I'll probably do a fancy post about it on it's own once we get in the groove of it. I think it's so much fun! I'm grateful she asked me to do it with he :)

Or go like our facebook page! 

Fun times everyone. Fall is almost here and I'm a combination of stoked (SO MUCH KNITTING) and sad (where did the sun go?). Gonna roll with it. 

Thanks lovelies for stopping on by! 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Photography Website!

Hi all, 

I thought I'd drop by and show you guys my new shiny-ish photography website! 

So if you live in Vancouver B.C (or somewhere close to it!) you can hire me as a photographer! I even have pricing on there (which is always flexible) around photographing knitwear! 

From the site: 

"Softsweater's Special Knitwear Photography Sessions

Have a couple of knitwear designs you want to publish and need photos that will help your pattern make it up onto the front page ofRavelry?
Just interested in having some amazing photos to go onto your project page for a shawl you've knit that you're feeling proud of? These are the deals for you. Every single knitwear pattern which has featured my photographs has made it up to the front page of Hot Right Now on Ravelry.com. That's 50+ patterns. Tooting my own horn right here.

45 minute session + 45 minute post processing
You bring one or two knitted items. You can be the model or bring a model, or we can shoot them without a model. Great for handspun yarn or etsy items. 10 - 20 shots
Sliding scale $50 - $150

60 minute session + 60 mintues post processing
You bring three to five knitted items. You can be the model or you can bring a model or we can shoot them without a model. 10 - 20 shots
Sliding scale $100 - $250"

Happy knitting everyone! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Some people must have been pretty seriously cold...

I don't keep very good track of my stats on Ravelry. It's cool, when you make a pro account they keep track on unique downloads and sales and all that fun statistical stuff. I almost completely ignore it for the most part. It's nice to see that people are downloading my patterns, but I don't really know who is downloading my patterns so that number doesn't really mean much to me.

But then I was looking through and noticed this:

Those are my statistics for The Blanket For Seriously Cold People from December and Janurary! Those are unique downloads (so from different IP addresses/different computers!) Those are a lot of downloads! Especially for a pattern I barely think about. It was published such a long time ago, and really it's just a giant ribbed blanket.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty smug. Thanks everyone who decided to knit that blanket! Or any of my patterns for that matter. You're all awesome.


Happy knitting everyone! 

Friday, 8 May 2015

German translations for patterns - coming soon!

Hey everyone!

So I'm dating a German guy.  

This is great because it means we will slowly be translating my patterns over into German!

I have resisted doing translations before because I'm always worried that my tone will be lost in the translation. Dating the fella who is going to be doing the translating is alleviating my fears around that, that's for sure. I'm like "can you make it sarcastic-er?" he's like "yeah, whatever" It's great. It's been a great evening over here.

Hope you're all enjoying whatever project it is you're working on! For me I'm knitting another shawl (surprise surprise). I've been trying to update all my patterns this summer. So expect new photos for a couple of my old patterns.

I'll leave you with a dorky photo Thomas took of me totally thrilled to be on a tiny boat at Granville Island. I'm like a happy cat in this photo, I love it. 

Happy knitting everyone! 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Free hat patterns! April 1st 2015 only!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is Hat Day on Ravelry! Which just means they put silly hats on all the avatars on Ravelry. It's actually really adorable, and suited because well, we're all knitters and bloody love knitting hats.
Here's a screencap to prove I'm not lying:

So for hat day I'm making all of my hat patterns free! Just for April 1st. Even if you aren't going to knit them, go put them in your library! Then you have them for later.

Okay. I know I only have three hat patterns. Whatever, they're for April 1st! Wheeeee!

Happy knitting! 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hurtful things on the forums

Haha, hey everyone I hope y'all are doing well. 

I thought I would post something shitty that happened to me a couple days ago. As many of you know, I swear a wee bit in a few of my patterns (and everywhere else for that matter) in this case I'm talking about [The Lonely Tree] (pattern) in particular.

A couple days ago I was linked to a thread though where folks were talking about the use of swearing in my patterns. I was never linked directly in this conversation and I don't think my pattern is named. But it is quoted, and The Lonely Tree shawl is so popular that I was notified once one of my online buddies recognized the quote. 

NOW. I'm posting this here because by the time I got around to reading the thread they had locked it down so no one else could comment. And I wanted the ability to respond. 

Here's the link to the archived thread:


And here's my response:

Two things. 

First: my feelings were hurt here. People are putting my intelligence and pattern writing ability (and quality) in to question because I used the word "Shit". I don't agree with them but the whole event of it sucked and I walked around feeling bummed out all day after I read it.

Second: I feel the need to defend the shit out of myself here. I have been bullied before and it sucks, I don't like that it's happening to anyone. Myself included. Even though I'm a big girl and I don't need approval from everyone.

Third (the last minute defensive point): I wanted to say that I have developed my writing style and personal voice completely intentionally. My use of cursing is totally on purpose and it is meant to convey a particular tone and mood to my patterns. I have been told over and over and over again that my personal writing voice is accessible and funny and I'm going to stick with that chunk of information while I lick my wounds here. 

Now is the time for the slight tangent: Not everything needs to be in a polite highly-edited "neutral" tone. That shit is boring and oppressive. My patterns are me, and I'm not going to stop writing them like that. 

Okay, there, I feel like I was able to get my points across there (I really do like the word shit, I've used it quite a bit here) 

Want to follow the discussion on ravelry? I posted this originally on my ravelry group.