More plotting and some test-knitting!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

This is about twice or three times as big now... nearing completion. Will be a new pattern. It seems like everyone and their dog has designed a shawl with some sort of repeating leaves, but I'm just learning how to write lace with charts so I decided to start small! I defaulted to using one of my favourite yarns Baby Alpaca Sport by Diamond Luxury. I bought three skeins... let's see how many I use! 

This is my old pattern All About Love, knit out of Diamond Luxury's Lima yarn. So lovely and squishy and beautifully coloured! I thought I was going to need three balls but only ended up using 2! So I returned the third ball and bought the yarn I mentioned above for the repeating leaves shawl :) 


  1. I really love your designs and I'm excited what you plan next.
    After some pattern research, I've decided that your "The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People" is the best for absolute triangular-shawl-newbies. I'm excited how this will be looks with my yarn.

    1. Wow, thank you! I tried to make it as much as a tutorial as a pattern. I work at a yarn store, so often people ask me what should they knit if they want to start knitting shawls, so I print off a copy of the Sunlight Shawl for them!

    2. Haha like me. I thought that shawls are a big mystery, but with your pattern i understand how they work. You also got an idea how you can add a personal node to the shawl with adding a stitch pattern.


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