Softsweater knits and fibre at the East Side Culture Crawl

Sunday, 20 November 2011
This year I brought my yarns and knits to the East Side Culture Crawl. I was located in the Purple Thistle Centre, a youth collective run space for artists. It was fun! I gave out two hundred buisness cards in two days! Holy smokes people love knitting! I even sold some stuff (to my surprise) two shawls and a cowl, as well as two whole skeins of my handspun/handyed yarn. Lovely! 

The lighting was crazy in all of these shots! Damn fluorescent lighting.

At the very last of my two hundred lovely moo cards.

Hand stamped and drawn labels with a moo card attached.

Out of Diamond's Baby Alpaca Sport!
At the very end of the crawl. My depleated pile of lovely.


  1. I want it all!!!! How much were you selling the undyed shawl for? Also - did you have anything in mustard? Love, Kristy (email me the answers!).

  2. Also, that is a link to an ancient now defunct blog.


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