Last year's Christmas project

Friday, 18 November 2011
I had meant to get this finished for my Grandmother last year for Christmas. Obviously I'm still working on it - she'll get it for this Christmas though! I'm using Cascade Magnum (I think...) I spent quite a bit on this project! Knitting is worth it though.

Babe sniffs yarn, just like me!


  1. Hello! This looks so cozy. I was looking for patterns for afghans to make for my boyfriend on Ravelry and ran across this.

    Curious if you had any thoughts on what needle size would be good if I was planning to follow this pattern using double strands of LionBrand Hometown yarn? Gauge is 9 st = 4 in for single strand versus the yarn you used (6 st = 4 in). I want to use as big of needles as possible without it being too hole-y.

    1. Hey, thanks for thinking of knitting my pattern!

      I would check it out on your biggest needles (10mm - 20mm) and just see what the knit looks like. I would say that probably 15mm would work fine for that - but it might be fun if you tried 20mms too! I love my 20mm needles. They make things better :)

    2. Thanks for the input. I made it to the knitting store yesterday to look at needle sizes and decided that 15mm looked pretty small. I'm going to try for larger needles. Maybe 20mm or even a little larger....


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