Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Lots of exciting things for 2016.

I'm enjoying planning my year. I'm not doing it all at once at the beginning, it's important for me to reevaluate things often, so I like to keep the process long and drawn out. Lots of lists of dreams, and things I need to remember. 2015 was really a wonderful year. I was able to get out of doing some things that weren't working for me and get into doing some really amazing things. I'm pretty darn grateful that I had the support to make the right decisions for me.

Blah blah blah new years blah happy blah blah :P 

A couple of the fun things that I have going for 2016 are top secret, and I'm going to be aching to talk about them to everyone. The worst kind of secrets are the ones that make me so excited that it almost hurts to hold my tongue. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm notoriously bad with these kinds of secrets, so you can guarantee there will be little hints in all my instagram posts... I'll be able to reveal a bit more once I get some ducks in a row...

One of the things I'm feeling really excited about that I can talk to you about is that me and the lovely Nicola Hodges from Tiny Island Textiles have been working with Melissa from Sweet Fiber to design some fun stuff with a new line of yarn she's been dying! We got our hands on a couple of skeins at Knit City 2015 and it's gorgeous stuff! Our launch for the patterns is coming up soon, slotted for some time in mid-Janurary. 

I have been absolutely smitten with my sample of my project. I have been wearing it an embarrassingly large amount. Like, I wear it all the time. It's big and squishy and so so warm. True love in knitting form. 

Oh that all reminds me! I've started a mailing list! Keep track of me and the weird things I do! It will be used to keep you all updated with my pattern releases, special mailing-list only pattern deals, and other fun knitwear related things that I do. 

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~ Sylvia 


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