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Monday, 18 May 2015
Hi all, 

I thought I'd drop by and show you guys my new shiny-ish photography website! 

So if you live in Vancouver B.C (or somewhere close to it!) you can hire me as a photographer! I even have pricing on there (which is always flexible) around photographing knitwear! 

From the site: 

"Softsweater's Special Knitwear Photography Sessions

Have a couple of knitwear designs you want to publish and need photos that will help your pattern make it up onto the front page ofRavelry?
Just interested in having some amazing photos to go onto your project page for a shawl you've knit that you're feeling proud of? These are the deals for you. Every single knitwear pattern which has featured my photographs has made it up to the front page of Hot Right Now on That's 50+ patterns. Tooting my own horn right here.

45 minute session + 45 minute post processing
You bring one or two knitted items. You can be the model or bring a model, or we can shoot them without a model. Great for handspun yarn or etsy items. 10 - 20 shots
Sliding scale $50 - $150

60 minute session + 60 mintues post processing
You bring three to five knitted items. You can be the model or you can bring a model or we can shoot them without a model. 10 - 20 shots
Sliding scale $100 - $250"

Happy knitting everyone! 


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