The Heartwood Cape

Thursday, 10 October 2013
Cool guys! I published a lovely free Lonely Tree Inspired cape pattern! For your cold shoulders this fall. 

It's called The Heartwood Cape


  1. One day I will write a big comment, complimenting you about your patterns. Not only the patter itself but the way you give the instructions... I made 2 All about love (I am lllemon in ravelry) and I still can not believe 1. that I made such a beautiful thing (as I am not an experienced knitter) 2. that I managed to make short rows, which made me run away when just listening to the name... 3. that such a beauty can be made in such a little time. All managed by YOUR magnificent, easy, human talking instructions-and your beautiful pattern of course.

    I want also to add that I love the way that you (helped by your friends) present your patterns-like no other in racerly-and I mean the laughing and playing with them.
    Excuse my enthusiasm but I had to tell you some time :)
    My love from Athens, Greece.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your patterns, so simple to read and follow, and the results are FAR from simple! Thanks!!!!!

  3. This is jumping on my queue!!

  4. I am having trouble starting pattern. I've ripped out 5 times. Think I'm missing something!

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