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Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Wow, okay. I haven't been the best blogger recently. I'll tell you what though I GOT CHOSEN TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR FOR KNIT CITY! I'm pretty thrilled as you can tell from the capslock.

My name is on the website right there! 
Along with Caitlin's! 

Other than that nothing much has been happening. Right now I'm knitting a snood out of mohair for the shop as a store sample. If it turns out lovely-like I might even take some photos of it! I'll keep you posted.

Oh and also, I now have power-bangs. Which make me adorable and also make me POWERFUL. Who knew bangs could do that? 



  1. Congratulations! Barcelona is too far to attend it, isnt it?

    1. No! It's just far enough to attend :)

      Thank you :)


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