I'm going to try weaving.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Caitlin is like my fibre drug dealer. She's like "what you haven't tried weaving yet?!! It's so good, here let me give you a tiny little DIY weaving thing and you can get hooked like the rest of us". Well it's probably going to work. Anything that involves fibre I tend to get addicted to. Fibre-addict. 

This is the little weaving thing. She just hammered some nails into an ol' board of wood and set it up for me. That wool is a ball of merino hand spun/hand dye that I did a while back. We'll see how this whole weaving thing goes. I'll get back to you! 

My goal for the next while is to try new forms of crafting. I have a couple plans in mind... but I think I'm going to keep them secret. :-P 


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